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We can assist with the determining the market value of your business. A realistic market value of a business can save time in selling the business.

A business must be discreetly marketed. It is preferred that at the marketing stages the staff and customers are not aware of the owners intention to sell. The staff are placed under undue stress, and incidents of low morale, theft and even resignations were reported. Once the negotiations reach a certain stage the staff are informed and reassured of their position in the business.

If the public is aware that the business is for sale, a perception can develop that the business is in trouble. It can influence the viability of the business. The suppliers also become nervous and future deliveries can be jeopardized. Some suppliers may close accounts with the business in order to secure their interest.

We are trained to negotiate the sale in such a manner that the prospective buyer and the seller are not influenced by one another’s actions or egos.

From experience we have learned that to get finance on the purchase of a Business is extremely difficult if not impossible. The requirements for a Business loan is too stringent for the average small business. Financial institutions will also not finance the goodwill of the business. A buyer must have considerable own contribution in cash and ample security to offer. The business will not be considered security for the loan. If the doors of the business are closed, the business has no value except for the few rand of equipment on auction.  A business loan can be payable over five years, which increases the monthly payments to such a figure, that the profits of the business is not enough the service the loan and to give the lender a reasonable income for cash flow and personal use.

No financial institution will finance a business with a 100% loan. 

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Our Liquor License services include the following:

Liquour licensing

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