Buying a Business

Starting a New Business



Buying a business  Starting a Business

- Previous history of business  - No previous history of business
- Business is well known  - Business is unknown
- Business has reached a profitable situation - Business can take up to 18 months or                                    more to reach a profitable situation.
- Business has proven track record  - Business has no track record and can
   become part of the statistics that nine
   out of ten new businesses fail within
   their first two years.
- The new owners can improve the profit
   with new ideas and strategies  
- The owners are still trying to make
   profits and sometimes runs out of
   enthusiasm before reaching a profit
- The start up problems and frustrations are
   a thing of the past and focus can be devoted
   to improving the business.
- Start up frustration sometimes diverts
   the attention of the owners.
- The purchaser can see what he is buying and
   observe the business as a running concern
- The purchaser can not visualise how the
   business will look like in peak or slower
   business cycles.    
- You can accurately estimate the hidden cost and
   working capital required to take over an existing    
- You can not estimate the cost or the time
   period to reach a profitable situation

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