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Vat Registered; Yes                       

Owner/Manager run;                                   Turnover;  R350 000/m        

Rent; R 55 000 incl. w                                  Wages; R40 000

Electricity; incl.                                                Stock;  R 50 000     


Net Profit; R 35 000/R 40 000

Comments; Mo-Fr 7-7; Sa to 5; So to 4.; Franchise fee R 12 000- R14 000

Price  R1.65m

Pizza take away                                                  

Vat Registered; Yes                        

Owner  run;                                    Turnover; R 130 000                     

Rent; R10 700                                Wages; R 17 000                               

Electricity; R3 200                         Wood;    R1 300   


  R660 000

Take Away. (Halaal)        

Owner run;                                        Years Established; 1 year.

Turnover;  R120 000                        Rent; R14 000                                   

Wages; R34 000

Electricity+Gas; R20 000.               Net Profit; R25 000/R30 000

Comments; Franchise with Training. No Royalties. Mo-FR. close 16h45. Sa close 14h45. Black market.


Price; R440 000 neg

Take Away.                    


Reason for selling; Emigrating      Manager run;   

Turnover; R180 000                         Rent; R15 000                                    

Wages; R12260

Electricity; R12 000                           Net Profit; R35 000.                        

Price;  R550 000

Take Away (Black Market)

Vat Registered;   Yes                          Reason for selling; Tired.             

Owner run;                                         Years Established; Owner 10years

Turnover; R90 000-R110 000            Rent;     R4960                                   

Wages; R5500

Electricity; R2 500                              Net Profit; R20 000-R25 000       

Price; R440 000

Coffee Shop                       

Sole Prop.;                                          Vat Registered; Yes                        

Reason for selling; Too much                Owner run;                                        

Years Established; 3 years                   Turnover; R45 000                           

Rent; R6 200                                       Wages; R5300

Electricity; R1 800                                                                                         

Net Profit; R6 000-R10 000

Comments; Mostly catering.                                                                    

Price; R220 000

Pizza & Take Away        

Pty)Ltd                                               Vat Registered; No         

Relocating                                          Owner Run.                                      

Turnover; R 100 000-/m                   Rent; R 7 600.                                  

Wages; R 15 000/m                           Electricity; R 4 000/m                     

Stock; R 40 000.                                                                                                

Net Profit; R 30 000/m

Comments;        New equipment                                                          

Price;  R275 000.


Partnership.;                                     Vat Registered; Yes                        

Reason for selling; 46 years              Owner run;                                        

Years Established; 46 years

Turnover;   R350 000                        Rent;     R10 000                

Stock;    R400 000                                                                                                                                                                            

Price;  R1.575m

Supermarket & Liquor Store                                                        

Vat Registered; Yes                        

Reason for selling; Too much.          Manager run;                                   

Years Established; 25 years

Turnover; R500 000+R200 000     Rent;     R20 000+R7 000

Wages; R28 000+R7 000                  Electricity; incl.  +R6 000               

Stock;    R500 000 + R400 000        Net Profit; R40 000+R20 000


Price;    R2.3m


CC;                                                    Vat Registered; Yes                        

Reason for selling; Too Much      Turnover; R120 000                        

Rent; R14 000                                  Wages; R2320                                   

Electricity; R4 400                           Stock; R100 000                                

Net Profit; R15 000-R20 000


Price; R700 000


Vat Registered; Yes                        

Reason for selling; Other interest      Owner run;                                 

Years Established; 6 years

Turnover; R250 000.                        Rent; R14200                                     

Wages; R10 000

Electricity; R 8000                             Net Profit; R 45 000                        

Hours Mo-FR 6-6. Sa 6-3 So 8-1                                                                                                                                                 

Price; R660 000

Liquor Store                          

Sole Prop.;                                          Vat Registered;  Yes                                      

Reason for selling; Emigrating        Owner run;                                        

Turnover;  R300 000                       

Rent;     R14 000                                  Electricity; included.                      

Stock;    Excl.( R350 000)           

Net Profit;  R 30 000                                                                                    

 R660 000

Liquor Store to let                                                         

Sole Prop.;                                Vat Registered;  No        

Rent;     R3 300                         Electricity: meter                           

Stock;    nil

Comments; Shop equipped. Refundable deposit of R33 000 for license and equipment.

Net Profit;  Nil.                               

Capital required; Minimum R75 000 cash (proof required)

Liquor Store                          

Sole Prop.;                                                      Vat Registered;  Yes                                      

Reason for selling; Running 3 stores.       Owner run;                        

Turnover;  R550 000/m                 

Rent;     R9 000 excl. VAT                               Electricity; incl.                 

Stock;    Excl. ( R400 000)

Net Profit;  R40 000-R50 000.                                                                     

Price;  R1,3m

Vehicle Diesel and Electrical Services.                                 

Vat Registered; Yes                        

Reason for selling; 32years tired            Owner run;                                      

Years Established; 32 years

Turnover; R275 000-R300 000             Rent; R30 000                                    

Wages; R60 000

Electricity; R5 000                                                                                            

Price; R2.6m

Corrosion engineering.     

(Pty)Ltd                                                           Vat Registered; Yes                        

Reason for selling; Owner passed away    Manager run;                   

Years Established; 14 years.

Turnover; R680 000                                      Rent;     R18 000Electricity;           

Net Profit; R122 000


Price; R4.0m

Video/DVD Shop equipment        

Stock; 5000 DVD + 200 games.   

Comments;  must move to another premises.

Asset value R 400 000                                                                               

Price; R 192 000 neg

Nursery School               

CC                                                           Reason for selling;  Health

Owner/Manager run;                        Years Established; 17 years         

Comments; Reg. for 86 w/o after school./30%black,70%white./ 9 teachers  


Price;    R550 000 w/o build.R1.8m with building

Cleaning Chemicals.      

Sole Prop.;                                         Reason for selling; Relocating

Owner run;                                         Years Established; 6 years           

Turnover; R55 000                           

Rent;     R2 200                                   Net Profit; R20 000

Comments; Includes recipes and training                                           

Price; R330 000

Scrap Book Shop             

Reason for selling; 75 y old           Stock;    R 300 000                         

Net Profit; R 10 000/m

Comments; Home Base Business. Buyer to move business.       

Price; R 220 000

School Bus transport     

Sole Prop.;                                          Reason for selling; Owner deceased.

Owner run;                                          Years Established; 40years          

Turnover; R 75 000                          

Rent;     own premises                        Wages; R 13 000/m

4 Busses (1x emergency) 3 drivers. Potential for tours and sports tours. Vaal area.


Net Profit; R 33 000/m

Price with house. R 3.15m    

without house R 1.07m

Pet. shop                         

Vat Registered;   Yes                         Reason for selling; Too much.

Manager run;                                    Owner: 3.5 years in business.   

Turnover; R130 000/month      

Rent; R16 400                                   Wages; R7 500                                 

Electricity; R2 300                              Stock; R160 000.                               

Comments; Increased stock from R25 000 to  R195 000 in 3.5 years.       

Price; R330 000

Pet shop                      

Sole Prop.;                                          Vat Registered; No                                         

Reason for selling; Relocating              Owner run;                                          

Years Established; 8years

Turnover; R40 000/m                           Rent; R6 200/m                               

Wages; R3 000/m                                Electricity; R800/m                         

Stock; R40 000 at sales price            Net Profit;  R10 000/m


Price; R110 000

Sand/Stone & cement  

Reason for selling; Bus. Closed 

Comments;2010 Truck and Back Actor + containers. Premises available with stock bays for sand and stone 

Price; R275 000

Vat Registered;    No                      Reason for selling; Too much   

Owner run.                                     Owner has business 3 Years.
Turnover; R140 000/m       

Rent; R12 100 incl. VAT               Wages; R14 000/m
Electricity; R7 000/m       

Stock; LSB                                   Net Profit; R30 000/m
Comments;    Closed Sundays                   

Price; R660 000

Animal feed, Seed and Hardware.

Vat Registered; Yes.                          Reason for selling; Retiring.

Owner run.                                         Owner has business 34 years.   

Net profit; R50 000/m

 Price; R1.4m.

Details may change without notice.

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